Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why We Migrate

There are many reasons on why we migrate to the U.S. This country is considered to be the land of the freedom and the land of opportunity where all dreams can become true. A freedom that allows all citizens and residents of the United States of America to achieve their goals in life through hard work.

Immigrants migrate to the U.S for a better life style. They sacrifice their lives by leaving love ones, family and friends behind just to make it to this country. Hear they have the opportunity to provide for their family back at home. Some migrate to the U.S. to give their kids a better education, and break the cycle of life style that has haunted them from generations to generations. Overall many just come hear to escape the economy and the poverty of their country.

Hear is a video that shows the young hardworking poor of Rural Bangladesh, thanks to Uncultured Project:

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Nicole St. Jean said...

Illegial immigration is a tough issue...

With the growing number of illegial immigrants (12 million) in the US today, it has added to the overpopulation, unemployed people, broken borders, higher tax dollars we are paying out to support these illegial citizens with out jobs. This debate is still being heaily debated by politicans in congres...

Check it out on YouTube: